Meet The Creator Behide Black Movies Matter "The Game"

Paris Gulley

I am Paris Gulley- Co Founder of the Black Movies Matter. I was born and raised in Peoria, IL where I reside with my two beautiful daughters, Amiyah and Aniylah. I received my Bachelors of Science which focused on Information of Technology at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, where I also played basketball. While playing at UWM I started for 2 years as a shooting guard and lead the team my senior year averaging 14.7ppg. Shortly after the season ended I received an invite to a pre-draft tryout to the Milwaukee Bucks. My passion for basketball led me to become a coach for girls basketball, creating my own summer AAU team; Dream Girls. In 2020 during the world wide announcement of pandemic Covid-19, I had a significant amount of time to reflect on my life and long term goals and what I wanted to achieve. I made sure 2021 was all about investing not only in myself, but investing in my daughters' future by building my brand towards financial freedom.

As a movie fanatic I found myself always quoting a line or two from a movie, which
I contribute to my dad Tony Gulley who was a fan of black movies telling stories through the lens of black culture. So I said to myself why not make this an actual game. Black Movies Matter was created to provide entertainment from the black culture perspective and give acknowledgment to those who have paved the way for all black actors to come!

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